Customer Service Representative($20/hr): Speak Easy

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Job Description


The starting pay is $20 per hour, paid each week through ACH deposit.

At 90 days, your performance will be reviewed. If you pass the review, you will be raised to $22 per hour.

After 6 full months (180 days) of working with us, we also offer a “book of business” bonus, in which you will receive a small percentage of the monthly payment of each of the clients you manage. Full-time contractors can expect to receive an additional $600-$800+ a month through the “book of business” bonus.

In addition, there are many bonus opportunities at any given time, including commission on upsells (15% of everything sold), contract renewals ($500+ per renewal), and obtaining positive Google Maps reviews from satisfied clients ($100 per review).


  • You must have your own computer, internet access, phone, and a quiet place to make calls.
  • Experience with RingCentral (call-app) and Zoho (CRM) is a plus, but not required.
  • Must be available part time to provide customer support around 20 hours a week (at first and later to expand your hours over time), between Monday and Friday, from 9:00AM-5:00PM Central Time. Clients are all over the United States (pacific, mountain, central and eastern time zones).
  • Nights and weekends are not required nor anticipated.
  • Must be willing to dedicate time to learning our marketing methods and how they apply to attorneys. Must also learn how attorneys function in various practice areas and what their specific needs are.


  • Fluency in Microsoft Excel and Word, using Gmail, sending attachments, navigating to websites, making Google searches. Able to use Google drive as well.
  • Excellent communicator in writing and over the phone
  • Ability to meet deadlines is essential
  • Must be organized with a strong work ethic and ability to self-motivate.
  • Must successfully complete the screening process.


  • Onboard new clients (Intake Process)
  • Be the primary account manager for customers and prospects
  • Assist new clients with providing us access to Google Maps and social media platforms
  • Establish client goals and go over services in contract that they can expect to receive
  • Contact customers following new sales to ensure ongoing customer satisfaction
  • Go over client’s marketing results from all their marketing channels and show trends
  • Suggest additional service offerings to help them improve their marketing
  • Forward any support requests / complaints / items needing attention so our support team can resolve these as quickly as possible
  • Use a series of voicemails and emails to maximize the chances that your clients will engage in a monthly overview call
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with clients to ensure continued customer loyalty
  • Be on the lookout for ways to improve our products and services
  • Answer and return client phone inquiries
  • Update multiple spreadsheets and email threads to keep the team informed of any client issues, situations, billing problems, etc